Fashion Designer Luis Machiçao is recognized also for his unique capacity to recreate characters in any time period. He is respected for his commitment, work ethic and passion he brings to each project. Machiçao has designed for several theater plays in his native Peru, like “Who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf”, “Sex, lies and video tape” and “Black out”  under the direction of the Opera Director Gustavo Frigerio, but he is well know for his XVIII Century designs for the TV Series ” La Perricholi”. Beginning in 2009, Mr. Machicao started offering his services as a costume designer for the film industry in the US; bringing his vast experience and prodigious style to the big screen. Machiçao says, “Films are the way to make tangible all the creations of our mind” as a costume designer I visualize the colors and textures in the moving images and just let them go… Some of his film contributions have been ‘G.H.O.S.T.’, directed by Jamie McRoberts; ‘Respawner’, directed by Brent Bowers; and ‘Sea of promises’ directed by Robert Fillion. His latest film contributions have been ‘Lovestruck Pancho’, directed by Duncan St. Clair; ’40 Fears’, directed by Blaine Miller; ‘Scarecrow at Midnight’; directed by Jamie Mc Roberts; ‘Family fiend’, directed by George Blalock; and ‘Mercutio’, directed by Raphael Winters. After finishing working on ‘Deceit & Desire’, directed by Blaine Miller; ‘Simply Delicious’, directed by JP Cashman; and ‘Athena’, directed by Robert Fillion. After working in “My Name is Paul” directed by Trey Ore, “Bennie” directed by Warren Marcus and “Uncommon” by Bill Rahn, Luis is currently working in “Virtuous” in Georgia, also directed by Mr. Rahn and featuring “Chips” actor Mr. Erik Estrada and “Fireproof” Actress Erin Bethea. For 2014 Mr. Machicao will be working in 2 feature movies one of them will be filmed in Australia.