The Designer

  Luis Machicao grew up with one thing on his mind… FASHION; however, it wasn’t until the age of 20 that he actively began to pursue his dream. Mr. Machicao began his career in Peru by enrolling in The School of Dramatic Arts where he received his education, later he decided to move to another school and began studying Fashion Design in a local Fashion Institute where he graduated with honors. Afterwards he enrolled in the University to study Sociology, he is on the belief that fashion is a social manifestation of the human being. After 4 years at the university he flew to Paris where he knew he could complete his education with experience. It was while in Paris that everything came together on how to dress people from head to toe in good taste. Later, when Mr. Machicao went back to Peru, he began working in TV miniseries, Soap Operas and Theater. He was then hired for the First Lady to serve his country with his impeccable taste, also dressing celebrities and socialites. While working he began showing his own collections in fashion shows. It was here that he found his passion – runways! Mr. Machicao began to show his own collections internationally which resulted in him moving to the United States of America. He has presented his collections in cities such as Houston, Austin, San Francisco, Miami, Charlotte, New Orleans, Milan, Barcelona, Washington D.C., New York and now, after showing his latest Spring-Summer 2014 Collection at Tiffany’s Paris Fashion Week.the Designer was named “Best Designer 2014”. Luis’ talent doesn’t stop behind the screen. Besides being involved in Costume Design, Image Consulting and Pageant gowns, Machicao has also made feature film appearances such as the recently released “Hunger Games”, which features Donal Sutherland, playing a non speaking role as one of the Capitol’s residents.