Running Works Gala

Social Butterfly Campaign

Luis Machicao was the featured designer at the Running Works Social Butterfly Gala. His designs were the centerpiece of the runway. The event raised funds for Running Works, an organization that assists individuals and families experiencing homelessness and poverty with their goals for physical, emotional and social well-being.

The Mission

Running Works' vision is to stop the destructive cycle of homelessness reaching a demographic from birth to 70-years-of-age by connecting the most vulnerable and socially excluded in society with the resources and services they require. They believe the lives of many homeless men, women and children have been disrupted by circumstances beyond their control, and they empower them to overcome extraordinary adverse situations.

Running Works is a values-driven, mentorship-based organization that encourages volunteerism as a primary component to rehabilitation as it promotes dignity, a sense of purpose and confidence while team members have fallen on hard times. The discipline, confidence, teamwork, self-respect and respect for others accrued through the passion their team members develop for self-improvement allows them to further their lives for the long term.